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Wicklow Rovers 50/50 Monthly Draw

By purchasing a ticket, you are supporting Wicklow Rovers and more importantly the development of more than 500 locals players from the age of 4 up to 44!. The money will go towards the improvement of facilities and training equipment (goals, cones, poles, bibs, jerseys etc) at all three pitches that will give everyone a much better match and training experience.

How it works

The 50-50 draw is best described as a raffle for a prize – the amount of that prize is based on the amount of 50-50 Draw Tickets that are sold

Each 50-50 ticket costs 5 Euro – you can buy as few or as many as you like. Of course the more you buy then the bigger the cash prize at the end of the month.

Example: 200 50/50 Tickets sold @ 5 Euro a ticket. This equates to 1000 Euro. The lucky person who is picked out the drum wins €500! and €500 euro gets invested back into the club.

Guaranteed One Winner each month!

How do I win the Jackpot?

When you buy a ticket, you will be asked for a bonus ball number (1-47). Whoever is pulled out of the drum for the 50/50 draw, will have the chance to win the jackpot. If their bonus ball number is pulled out of the main Irish Lottery draw the first Wednesday after the draw, they win the jackpot!.

When does the draw take place?

The draw will take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 8.00pm

Where does the draw take place?

The draw will take place at the Wicklow Rovers Clubhouse, Whitegates.

What happens if the Jackpot is not won?

If the Jackpot is not won, then it will rollover to the following month and the value will increase by a minimum 100 euro.

How do I buy a 50/50 ticket?

Click here                                        to take you to the purchase page. All tickets must be purchased before 11.59pm on the last day of the month to be included in the next draw. Any tickets purchased after this date, will automatically be rolled over into the following months draw.

Can I pay automatically to purchase tickets each month?

Yes, if you log into the website you can subscribe to buy tickets each month and we will automatically take payment on the same day each month that you subscribed. No need for you to worry if you have missed the deadline.

How do we know who wins each month?

There is a number of ways you can find out:-

  • If you watch the live draw, you can find out there and then

  • The winner will have their name up in lights on the website for the month!

  • We will post it up also on the Wicklow Rovers Facebook Page

  • When registering, we have made it mandatory to fill in your mobile number, so we will call you as soon as the draw has been made!

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